Tricote Blanket

Tricote Blanket


Color: Khaki


Stay warm and cozy in our Tricote Blanket – Khaki that is inspired by European stitching patterns. Sit or lie in comfort anywhere with its thick and flat fabric that cushions any surface and stay warm anywhere!

The Tricote Ivory Blanket is an ideal decor piece with its simple design made from intricate details such as cross-stitching and line patterns, adding a calming and contemporary touch to your living room

Enjoy a fuss-free experience when using or cleaning the blanket as it is anti-pilling and does not form lint balls on the surface!

Rest cozily even during hot weather as it is designed to have good breathability! It is also non-slip and anti-static – No more tingling feeling and turn as much as you want freely and comfortably!


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